Intuitive Venture Partners has created an investment strategy that includes a set of specific investment criteria with a particular investment focus. Prospective investments are considered where the company has:

Venture backing.

Companies that are being financed by some of the most well respected and successful venture capitalists in the investment community.

A proven management team.

Intuitive Venture Partners invests in and partners with high-integrity, entrepreneurial management teams that are resourceful and disciplined.

A large addressable market.

Companies that have a clearly defined market that is poised for significant growth.

A distinct competitive advantage.

One that maintains and can sustain a leadership position among its competition.

A disruptive technology.

Must be proprietary with significant intellectual property.

An existing revenue stream.

A business with a well diversified customer base that has a clear path to profitablilty.

An attractive valuation.

Intuitive Venture Partners will make it a priority to invest in companies that have a current and potential valuation which provides an attractive risk reward ratio.

Intuitive Venture Partners operates with a small, intimate team of Managing Partners, Venture Partners and Strategic Advisors that enables us to make decisions quickly, while at the same time, preserving the integrity of the investment process.