Violin Memory launches new storage management suite

Teams with Symantec to create scalable and fast storage solution for data protection.

Flash memory array vendor Violin Memory has released a new flash-optimized suite of management capabilities for its products using Symantec technology designed to provide data protection without compromising speed and scalability.
It said the suite allows users to clone, create snapshots and carry out deduplication, replication and thin provisioning without compromising efficiency.
Such capabilities will be particularly useful for companies consolidating in the data center environment or moving to various levels of virtualization, according to Violin Memory VP of Products Narayan Venkat.
“We have been delivering storage at the speed of memory, now we’ve partnered with Symantec to build a comprehensive flash-optimized data management suite,” Venkat said.
Violin Memory said Tier 1 solution allows companies to move beyond the typical 40 to 50% virtualized infrastructure to 70 to 80%, with end users being able to place business critical applications on virtual machines without sacrificing latency, IOPS and reliability.
According to Gartner Research VP Joseph Unsworth, this is a real problem in today’s data center industry.
“Business-critical applications, virtualization and big data analytics all require performance scalability driven by improved end user experiences or the need to transact faster for real-time decision making,” Unsworth said.
“However, when customers sought economic reliability or scalability aspects from the solutions they have been often incomplete and ultimately come at the expense of business.”
The solution can help overcome the over-allocation of storage, and reduce the reduplication ratio by up to 80%, according to Violin Memory. Its’ incremental block-based replication also provides complete disaster recovery.

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