NextIO and Rackspace Present a PCI Express I/O Virtualization Solution to Cloud Computing at Cloud Expo

AUSTIN – November 3, 2011 - NextIO, the pioneer in I/O consolidation and virtualization solutions, will join Rackspace, the service leader in cloud computing, in presenting an educational session titled “Meet today's challenging Cloud Computing demands with PCI Express I/O Virtualization” at the 9th annual Cloud Expo event on Tuesday, November 8, at 9:55 a.m.

NextIO CTO and Co-Founder Chris Pettey and Rackspace Principle Engineer, Joel Wineland will underline the necessity of constantly reshaping the fundamental rack infrastructure of the cloud as cloud computing evolves to cover a broad range of markets. As more customers are added to the cloud from increasingly diverse markets, the rack infrastructure must become more flexible to adapt to the changing needs, while continuing to reduce costs. Pettey and Wineland will describe how PCIe I/O Virtualization enables successful cloud computing platforms and give a vision for the technology going forward.

Pettey will also present “The Virtualized Data Center: Best Practices that Address High Profile Pain Points” at Cloud Expo on November 8, at 4:25 p.m. In this session, several key challenges for the data center server administrator will be explored, along with best practices for implementation.

NextIO recently announced general availability of vNET I/O Maestro, a rack-level appliance that simplifies the deployment and management of complex server I/O by consolidating and virtualizing I/O resources. This new rack level appliance removes layers of data center complexities often found in traditional server I/O deployments to maximize the value, productivity and efficiencies of complex server I/O.

“Our virtualization I/O technology gives cloud computing users the flexibility and agility they need to respond to the changing demands of business operations,” said Mike Heumann, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, NextIO. “vNET I/O Maestro simplifies the data center and takes the complexity out of managing networking systems, so data center managers can increase cloud computing performance while lowering total operational costs.”


NextIO provides rack-level IO consolidation and virtualization solutions that maximize value, productivity and efficiencies of complex server IO. Our innovative architecture is based upon industry standard PCIe switching technology. By separating the compute from the IO we create pools of server IO resources at the rack level that can be shared, virtualized or dynamically allocated across servers within the rack. Data center managers benefit from lower TCO and increased time to revenue. NextIO solutions address data center requirements across multiple industry segments including: Enterprise, Oil & Gas, High Performance Computing, Financial Services, Academia, and Government. For more information, visit


Jamie Smethie
Marketing, NextIO
Catherine Seeds or Caitlin New
Ketner Group (for NextIO)

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