Certes Networks Announces the Release of TrustNet Manager

TrustNet Manager delivers on Certes Networks' vision of protecting networks without compromising performance or availability and empowering security staff with control of policies and keys.

Pittsburgh, PA, June 22, 2011-Certes Networks, the leader in scalable network encryption, is pleased to announce the release and general availability of TrustNet Manager. TrustNet Manager is a web-based management platform that provides organizations with the ability to secure networks and achieve regulatory compliance while reducing the cost of deploying, managing and maintaining the encrypted network.

"Over the last year, our engineering and product teams have been architecting a solution that meets the scalability and performance demands of public and private clouds and also supports security best practices, such as separation of duties," said Thomas Gill, CEO of Certes Networks. "TrustNet Manager is the result of those efforts. It goes beyond being just a next generation IPSec VPN solution and helps organizations reduce the risk of network and cloud-based data breaches. At the same time, it simplifies compliance efforts and reduces the scope and costs of compliance audits."

TrustNet Manager's drag-and-drop security policy builder simplifies provisioning and makes it easy to deploy multi-layer encryption and security policies, which saves operating expense and helps avoid data breaches. TrustNet Manager also reduces network downtime and costly configuration mistakes by automatically validating configurations before they are deployed. For organizations bound by government or industry regulations, TrustNet Manager provides powerful logging and auditing capabilities that help establish, maintain and prove regulatory compliance.

TrustNet Manager makes it easy to follow the security best practice of separation of duties by providing role-based access to multiple users. Role-based access gives security teams control of the encryption keys and network security policies, while allowing them to delegate device and network management to the network team or service provider. This feature greatly improves security and reduces the cost of maintaining a secure network by allowing network management to be outsourced, without relinquishing control of the security.

Based on a clustered server architecture with disaster recovery capabilities, TrustNet Manager is able to dynamically generate and deliver periodic key updates. This makes it nearly impossible for hackers to decrypt traffic due to the constant replacement of security keys. TrustNet Manager can also be deployed as a cluster of virtual servers, avoiding the cost of adding additional physical servers to the security infrastructure.

"TrustNet Manager builds on the capabilities of traditional VPNs by allowing enterprises to offer trusted communication network-wide. It takes advantage of group keying technology that scales to thousands of endpoints without impacting network availability or performance," said Chris Silva, Senior Vice President, Research & Service Delivery at IANS Research. "Consistent with Certes Networks' existing suite of technology, TrustNet Manager represents a solution that will allow companies to reliably secure information among virtual servers without sacrificing agility or giving up control of the encryption keys. The ability to dynamically adjust security policies and keys as virtual machines (VMs) are created, migrated, suspended and destroyed will allow organizations to benefit from agile and cost-saving cloud operating models without opening new security holes."

As part of the planned roadmap, TrustNet Manager will provide a platform for securing server-to-server communications, no matter where the servers reside, while retaining control of the keys and allowing transparent virtual server provisioning and migration. TrustNet Manager will act as a bridge between existing physical encryption devices and virtual server-based encryption agents, which are planned for release in early 2012. With these features, customers will be able to use Certes Networks' group keying technology to encrypt traffic among physical and virtual servers in private data centers or private and public clouds. Because TrustNet Manager will allow customers, rather than cloud providers, to control encryption keys and policies for data flows in and out of the cloud, security and compliance objectives can now be met while taking advantage of the cost savings of the cloud.

To learn more about Certes Networks' encryption solutions, contact info@certesnetworks.com.

About Certes Networks
Certes Networks is the leader in multi-layer encryption solutions for high performance networks. The Company provides advanced encryption solutions for wide area networks, and enables secure connectivity to private and public clouds. Certes Networks helps organizations improve security, decrease risk, and reduce the cost of compliance while enabling high performance and secure connectivity to critical infrastructures.

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