Major Metropolitan Housing Authority Chooses Certes Networks for Network Encryption

--Certes Networks protecting VoIP and data transmissions over Verizon's Transparent LAN Service--

Pittsburgh, PA, May 05, 2011-Certes Networks, the leader in scalable network encryption, announced that a major U.S. Metropolitan Government Housing Agency has selected Certes Networks' encryption solution (CipherEngine) to encrypt and authenticate VoIP and data traversing their Verizon Transparent LAN Service (TLS). The project was brokered by Rapid Access Communication Enterprises (RACE), one of the Agency's various technology providers and a valued Certes Networks reseller.

"Our customer recognized the vulnerabilities that exist on all service provider infrastructures, which are shared by many customers, and decided to encrypt their data, VoIP traffic and tenant information, between their multiple data centers and nine remote locations," said Nick Giampietro, sales director for RACE.

After an initial vetting process, the Agency brought in products from Certes Networks and another U.S. based network encryption vendor for a week-long evaluation. "From installation to full deployment, the Certes Networks solution was just easier to use and manage," said Giampietro. "CipherEngine is a more flexible and comprehensive data protection solution that provides our customer granular control over what to encrypt. The additional security provided by per frame authentication was also a factor in the decision."

"With Certes Networks' Layer 4 encryption option, all of our customer's network services can continue to operate while the data is encrypted," added Giampietro. "For the Agency, that unique capability was a huge differentiator from the bulk encryption offered by other encryption vendors. They get the risk reduction benefits of encryption without having to give up performance or limiting the manageability of a critical network."

"This is a prime example of the trend we are seeing across several industries where more and more organizations acknowledge the inherent risks of sending unencrypted data across a service provider's shared infrastructure," said Thomas Gill, CEO of Certes Networks. "Our solution is unique in its ability to protect and authenticate data over any network, without impacting service agreements, application flows or network performance and availability."

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Certes Networks is the leader in multi-layer encryption solutions for high performance networks. The Company provides advanced encryption solutions for wide area networks, and enables secure connectivity to private and public clouds. Certes Networks helps organizations improve security, decrease risk, and reduce the cost of compliance while enabling high performance and secure connectivity to critical infrastructures.

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