M2M Spectrum Networks

M2M Spectrum Networks is the first company to provide comprehensive solutions for creating, connecting and managing machine-to-machine (M2M) communications for The Internet
of Things (IoT).

PeerNova, Inc.
Co-Investors: Mosaik Partners.

PeerNova has developed the first immutable ledger with built-in audit, control, scale, and other capabilities necessary to help the world’s most trusted organizations store, secure, and validate their data.

ViewRay, Inc. (OTCQB: VRAY)
Co-Investors: OrbiMed Advisors, Fidelity Biosciences, Aisling Capital, Kearny Venture Partners, and Xeraya Capital.

ViewRay has built and sells the first and only MRI-guided radiation therapy system that images and treats cancer patients simultaneously.

Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Co-Investors: OrbiMed Advisors.

Pieris is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of Anticalins®, a novel class of targeted human proteins designed to diagnose and treat serious human disorders.

Enumeral Biomedical Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: ENUM)
Co-Investors: Harris & Harris Group, Inc.

Enumeral is discovering and developing novel antibody therapeutics that help the immune system attack diseased cells. By using their proprietary platform, they have a unique ability to extensively interrogate cells of the human immune system for drug candidate validation and that this ability, gives them a distinct advantage in selecting potential best-in-class therapeutic candidates.

CÜR Media, Inc. (OTCQB: CURM)

CÜR is a new streaming music experience that intersects the mass market between Pandora and Spotify for listening to music on the web and mobile devices. CÜR is a low-cost music subscription service that is focused on delivering a Music Access 2.0 product with a toolset for curating and sharing.

Ekso Bionics, Inc. (OTCQB: EKSO)

Ekso Bionics, Inc. has pioneered the field of robotic exoskeletons to augment human strength, endurance and mobility. The Company is developing and manufacturing wearable robots, or “exoskeletons,” that have a variety of applications in the medical, industrial, military and consumer markets.

Ostendo Technologies, Inc.
Co-Investors: Third Wave Ventures.

Ostendo has developed a breakthrough emissive micro-display technology to address the next generation visual communication needs to enable intuitive, interactive, and immersive experiences. The core device is referred to as Quantum Photonic Imager or QPI® and is being integrated into ultra-compact projector devices and 3D holographic display systems.

Neurotrope, Inc. (OTCQB:NTRP)

Neurotrope is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical and diagnostics company in the neurological clinical sciences that has compelling, novel and proprietary assets that are extremely encouraging for the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. The company has exclusive licenses to a broad portfolio of drug discovery data, technologies, and putative drug prototypes from the Blanchette Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute (BRNI) and its subsidiaries.

QuantiaMD (Acquired by Physicians Interactive)
Co-Investors: Fuse Capital.

QuantiaMD is a vibrant clinical exchange that is fast becoming the center of activity between physicians and the organizations shaping healthcare.


Etubics Corporation

Etubics Corporation is a clinical stage bio-pharmaceutical company, which has developed a proprietary immunization platform technology. The Etubics immunization and treatment processes are simple-to-use injectables, which compare favorably to other vaccine products in the marketplace.

Violin Memory, Inc. (NYSE: VMEM)
Co-Investors: Highland Capital Partners, SAP Ventures, Toshiba & Juniper Networks.

Violin Memory is pioneering the future of Flash memory in the enterprise data center with Memory Arrays that accelerate business critical applications and enable enterprises to virtualize and optimize their IT infrastructures. Specifically designed for sustained performance with high reliability, Violin’s Memory Arrays scale to hundreds of terabytes and millions of IOPS with low, spike-free latency.

InterAct911 (Acquired by Constellation Software Inc.)
Co-Investors: Bay Partners & Foundation Capital

InterAct Public Safety is a leading provider of public safety incident response and management software. The Company provides integrated multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional public safety, corporate security, and homeland security systems technology.

BeneChill, Inc.
Co-Investors: MedVenture Associates,
NGN Capital and HealthCap.

BeneChill, Inc., is an innovative medical device company that has developed a device to deliver therapeutic hypothermia to the brain. The Company is developing a non-invasive cooling technology for treatment following ischemic stroke, cardiac arrest or traumatic brain injury.

Calient Technologies, Inc.
Co-Investors: TeleSoft Partners

CALIENT Technologies is the proven leader in 3D MEMS Technology. The technology is based on its patented deep-silicon plasma etch process that is used to make 3D MEMS mirrors. With this process, the company is able to develop products that lead the industry in performance and manufacturing cost.

eASIC Inc.
Co-Investors: Khosla Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Crescendo Ventures & Evergreen Venture Partners

eASIC is a fables semiconductor company that has a proven, disruptive breakthrough technology which adds significant value to their customers by reducing the overall cost and time associated with the production of customized semiconductor devices.

Certes Networks, Inc.
Co-Investor: Adams Capital Management

Certes Networks (formerly CipherOptics) is the leader in developing scalable security solutions for high performance networks. They provide advanced encryption and policy and key management solutions for securing wide area networks, and enable secure connectivity to private and public clouds.

Percutaneous Systems, Inc.
Co-Investors: Shea Ventures, Montreux Equity Partners, Compass Technology Partners

PercSys is focused on developing and commercializing devices that make endourologic kidney stone procedures easier, less traumatic, and more effective therapeutically. While the company's current devices influence outcomes of minimally invasive procedures performed in the operating room, devices in the pipeline and clinical efforts expand the company's reach into external, and eventually in-office, stone intervention.

My Damn Channel, Inc.
Co-Investors: Okapi Venture Capital, Sunshine Wireless Company

My Damn Channel creates premium, branded entertainment and guarantees audience delivery for partners like HBO, Puma, Trident Layers, Southern Comfort, IKEA, and Lincoln. The Company empowers comedians, actors, filmmakers, musicians and brands to co-produce, distribute and monetize original video. Artists create content for the My Damn Channel website and for syndication on all digital platforms.

Shea Ventures Opportunity Fund

We have provided our clients access to invest in Shea Ventures Opportunity Fund, which invests in late-stage venture-backed companies by providing liquidity in secondary direct transactions. In these transactions Shea Ventures is acquiring interests from existing shareholders in venture-backed companies who are seeking liquidity. The fund may also acquire interests in mature venture capital limited partnerships.